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Average rating for SafeBasements of Minnesota, Inc. is 4.95 stars of 5 stars - based on 262 reviews
Anchors in Eden Prairie, MN
Outside graded with the holes filled was very good.
Drain Tile in North Saint Paul, MN
Updated, clean, and organized.
Drain Tile in Willmar, MN
Joel and team were very pleasant, hard working, and courteous.
Installed Drain Tile in Osseo, MN
A huge Thank you to the entire Team at Safe Basements for doing such a Great Job and getting the work done in time so that my Buyers could close on their new home! You guys are amazing!!! Thank YOU!!!
Drain Tile in Minneapolis, MN
Safebasements was able to come out very quickly after a flooding incident to look at my basement. The sales rep, Brian, was very knowledgeable and able to answer many of my questions regarding their Drain Tile system. The crew showed up on time and worked long days to stay on schedule. The foreman, John, was great and able to describe in detail all the steps that they were taking to keep the basement dry. They took precautions to keep the mess down and cleaned up when they finished. Weeks after finishing the job I had some concerns about the system. Tony went out of his way to work with me until all of my concerns were addressed. Flooding/seepage can be stressful and choosing the right company can make it much easier. I highly recommend SafeBasements for your drain tile or waterproofing.
Anchors, Walers in Faribault, MN
Great work! Derek was great and gave us lots of info.
Anchors in Lafayette, MN
They were really helpful. The quickness of getting the project done and complete.
inspection of basement leakage in Oak Park Heights, MN
Even though the work required at our residence was something that SafeBasements does not do, I was surely impressed with the prompt service and honest evaluation of the problem. I was given quick response to my call and the consultant, Jon Stifter called to let me know his schedule and was at my place even a bit early. He quickly evaluated the situation, commented on what the proper repair procedure should be, even though it was not the type of work done by his company. Greatly appreciated the honesty and again, prompt service. Thanks
Basement inspection after Sewer pipe brake under basement floor in Minneapolis, MN
I was very impressed with the professional inspection by Dan Supan. I would never consider having any other company do basement or foundation work for me.
Basement Waterproofing in Robbinsdale, MN

I've been working with a realtor to sell my home that I've owned since 2012. I hope to find something a little newer with a bigger back yard for my son. This house was built in 1945 and tends to need major updates every year so I'm hoping to find a home where the major home projects slow down a bit.

I had water in my basement off and on since I bought the home. The previous owner flipped the house and did not actually live in it so only disclosed one incident of water. I usually got water when we got a lot of rain or the snow melted quickly. Christmas 2016 I came home to the most water I've ever had in my basement. It had rained that week while I was out of town visiting my parents and relatives. I had to remove all of the carpet and it damaged most of my wood furniture. I realized it was time to do something about the water problem since it seemed it was only getting worse. I called another local company as my coworker had just used them and had a good experience. I also got a quote from another company, but do not remember their name. Some of the things they suggested seemed off to me so I decided to go with the first one. That spring they put in safe guard and a sump pump. I was really happy I got this done and could use my basement again. I didn't notice water up until a few weeks prior to contacting you. I was very close to getting my house on the market so it was a major disappointment and stressor. As I pulled up the carpet I found a large amount of mold, which told me that I had been getting water in the basement for some time and just didn't notice it. If you are someone who has had water in your basement, you check those areas frequently as I did. I believe I didn't notice any water because the carpet padding is sealed on top so the carpet didn't actually feel wet. I found water only because it was seeping out under the carpet onto the concrete in my laundry room. So I called them to have them come check it out. They were very busy so it took a week before they could get out. They inspected the outside of the house in addition to the inside. He could not identify a reason the waterguard was not working and said likely I'll need to add vapor shield to catch any water seeping in from the walls. He also wanted to remove the sheet rock to help diagnose the issue. I said I needed to hold off on that because I wanted to research options as I was supposed to put my house on the market. He said he could come back when I made a decision and he let me know they were booked out about 4 -6 weeks already. My heart and stomach sank hearing this as I was really hoping to get out of this house soon and not put any more money into it. He was estimating the vapor shield would be anywhere from $1500- 3000. Then I'd have to pay to have the sheet rock put back and carpet re-installed. This would delay my home sale a few more months. It caused a lot of restless sleep and made me feel sick thinking I would have to put more money into this house after I thought I had fixed the issue. My house is a nice size for a first home buyer and I didn't want to leave the issue for new buyer to deal with. I would feel awful doing that. So Liz asked Dave Taurkinskas to come take a look. He wasn't impressed with their job and said he would consult with other companies who are in the business. I believe he consulted with you as well as other inspectors who all agreed my water drainage system was not adequate. Dave and Liz encouraged me to call you to see what you thought needed to be done. So I did and I have to apologize for getting so emotional with you. I was feeling stressed and was not sleeping well so was overly tired and emotional. I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me. My water issue was not your fault and you certainly didn't owe me anything. You don't even know me, yet you offered to help that same day and give me a huge discount. I'm very grateful for your act of kindness. It actually makes me tear up again thinking about it. It speaks to your character and integrity so again I thank you I You and your team helped put my plans back on track, and I feel really good that I can sell this house to someone who will not have to deal with water issues like I did. The new person will not feel anxious every time it rains or in Spring when the snow melts. That makes me feel great and that's thanks to you! My experience with Steve and the team was really positive. Everyone was very friendly and professional. They did a nice job trying to keep the mess to a minimum - having been through this before, I knew how dusty it was going to get. I work from home and the entire experience went well without major disruption to my job. I was also relieved to hear that they didn't need to remove any part of the wall to do the work! To say thanks to them, I bought them pizza. It was nice to chat for a little bit and get to know the crew while we ate. They left assuring me the new system will address my issue. I felt relieved and confident about the new system. It rained here this weekend and NO WATER! Vay!

Again, thanks for your act of kindness. I will remember that forever and if I get unlucky and buy a house with water issues, I'll be sure to use your company. I've already been passing your name around to my friends!

Please tell Ty that I would like to see how the finished video turns out!