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Average rating for SafeBasements of Minnesota, Inc. is
4.94 stars of 5 stars - based on 220 reviews
Partial floor replacement, drain tile installation, crawl space/post replacement in Saint Paul, MN
Ask for Scott when calling about water proofing and ask for Brian, regarding structural and floor issues. These guys and their crew did an amazing job. Brian not only gave me a bid on the floor but he did most of the work himself. These guys are great!! They know their stuff. And they won't try to sell you something you don't need. They do honest work. I would totally recommend them to anyone.
Basement Waterproofing - Service Estimate in Hopkins, MN
We did not use them. Everything was good about them coming out to give the estimate. They were professional. We didn't use them because we needed more services beyond what they could give us.
Basement Waterproofing and Finishing in Minneapolis, MN
The basement is like a whole new basement. It is a 100% improvement over how it looked before. The sump pump even worked at one point this winter when we had rain. Not sure if the supports have really helped but hopefully they prevent it from getting worse. There were two options for supporting the corner and we took the less expensive one. In the beginning there were delays with getting the job started due to: rescheduling 3 or 4 times because they had to go back and finish up other jobs and the truck broke down once. Waiting for the job to get started was frustrating in the beginning because I took a couple of days off of work to be there. They also have a long drive from Marshall Mn to get here. Once they were devoted to our job they were prompt and worked very hard. Rick the worker was very pleasant, helpful, easy going and willing to answer questions. He worked hard and was eager to please. Also, the sales person Rick was pleasant, helpful and willing to do whatever to help and answer my questions/concerns.
Basement Waterproofing - Exterior Drain in Minneapolis, MN
We liked their system the best out of the three companies we researched, even though they weren't the cheapest. They did the work well. We don't have water coming into our basement. They made a mistake putting in a drain outside the house, but they repaired that for us. They splattered cement by the brick on the outside of the house. Initially they put up cardboard to protect the brick, but when they had to repair the drain, they didn't put up the cardboard. They're responsive about fixing problems.
Exterior Drainage System in Minneapolis, MN
The only thing I regret is that their estimate did not include burying the drain pipe in the front yard and extending it out to the hill. Now we have this ugly white pipe in our front yard and we have yet to get it done. It's not just a matter of buying more pipe and digging a trench. The city inspector said you have to somehow allow for air (so that it doesn't create a vacuum?) Anyway, I don't know how to do it or I would. Otherwise, they did a fine job at a very competitive price. I would make sure they include burying the outside drain pipe in the estimate, unless you have the time and know-how to do it yourself. Update: The company failed to notify the city inspector at a critical juncture in the work. When the inspector came, he said they had already covered up the work, so it was impossible to inspect. They passed it anyway, but said that the company had done the same a few times before. Just make sure they do call the inspector to have the work inspected at the proper time.
Basement Waterproofing - Floor Drainage System in Saint Paul, MN
Tony the lead installer was great to work with and communicated well. Steve the service manager was difficult to contact. I called three days in a row and had to complain of the lack of response. Even after that I was the one calling to get an appointment for the company to look at a spot of a water leak. Steve seems to believe the customer needs to call him and he doesn't need to call the customer. Finally, Tony contacted me and he came back and patched the area of concern.
Basement Waterproofing in Minneapolis, MN
Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems Inc's operative was very professional and patient. He was more than willing to answer questions.
Foundation and Bowed Wall Repair in Minneapolis, MN
Sales associate arrived right on time, evaluated the problem, took some laser level measurements, and came up with a plan. We had a unique foundation and suspected foundation failure. Upon further review, sinking due to soil failure was the culprit. The owner came out a couple of times to make sure that the plan they had in place was the right solution for our problem. He even found a way to reduce our costs. Three weeks later, we had a level floor and the symptomatic drywall and grout cracks were closed up. The crew was knowledgeable and timely. They really worked well as a team. They worked hard in the cold weather and did their best to keep things clean around our home. They really want you to be satisfied with the work they do - from the owner down to the last worker - and communicate that to you with every encounter.
Basement Waterproofing - Floor Drainage System in Buffalo, MN
We had water in basement for first time in 34 years. They responded quickly to request for help,came out to do estimate, set up a date for service,arrived when expected. Personnel very professional, respectful of our home, cleaned up when done. They dug out section of basement, installed tile drainage system, new sump hole, pump in a sealed system, with discharge pipe. All looks fine although no rain yet to test effectiveness. Lifetime warranty. Very satisfied thus far. Would use again.
Basement Waterproofing - Service Estimate in Minneapolis, MN
The salesman/service person (I'm sorry I can't remember his name!) came right on time, just a few days after I called to schedule an appointment. He was a really nice guy and explained their whole drain tile system, plus lining the well room with a material that would make it impenetrable and usable for storage or whatever. Since we have an unfinished basement, this seemed like overkill - we don't need a beautiful well room. But if that's what you're looking for and want to spend $1,600ish, it seemed like they know what they're talking about and would do a good job.
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