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Why Choose Us?

When you contact Safe Basements, we’ll evaluate your basement and foundation needs in person. Doing so will allow us to offer you the services you need while ensuring we won’t leave you with a job that’s only partly finished.

We have more than three decades of experience caring for St. Cloud basements and foundations, and we pride ourselves on being advocates for area homeowners.

We’re so confident in the quality of our services that we pledge you’ll be 100% satisfied with our work. To guarantee that you are, we offer a lifetime transferable warranty on most of our work.

The Services We Offer

Homeowners can find our basement and foundation services described below.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing in St. Cloud

We can help you keep your St. Cloud basement dry throughout the year in several ways.

One option is to install an interior drainage system that won’t interfere with our radon mitigation service. We could also put in a sump pump and other waterproofing systems.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in St. Cloud

Exposure to exterior moisture, soil expansion, and temperature changes can erode your St. Cloud foundation over time. When cracks appear or you notice other signs of foundation damage, rely on our repair services to restore the integrity of your foundation.

Concrete Leveling

Concrete Leveling in St. Cloud

Changes in the soil around your St. Cloud home can cause your foundation to settle or shift unevenly. Before this condition causes severe foundation damage, we can use concrete to provide stronger support to your foundation.

Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation in St. Cloud

Most St. Cloud homes are at risk for radon exposure since this hazardous gas seeps in through access points in the foundation. We offer mitigation services to help you combat exposure by installing barriers at those access points.

Foundation Repair

Egress Windows in St. Cloud

You’ll want to make sure your loved ones can escape your St. Cloud home when there’s a fire or another safety concern. If you have an insufficient number of egress windows in your basement, we can install additional windows.