Push Pier Installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Push Pier Installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul

You’re at home on a quiet Sunday, enjoying a soothing cup of hot chocolate as gentle rain drips down the windowpane. Suddenly, you notice something unnerving. Your front door isn’t closing properly, and there’s a peculiar crack emerging on your wall. Alarm bells start to ring in your head. Your dream house appears to be sucked into the ground, a sinking ship in a sea of troubles. This is when SafeBasements™ swoops in, not with a buoy or a lifesaver, but with an arsenal of technological expertise to rescue your home from impending disaster.

Your home communicates its distress through certain signals:

  • Windows and doors behaving abnormally
  • Cracks forming at the corners of windows, door frames, and foundation walls
  • A sinking visual on one or more sides of the home
  • When your home exhibits such signs, it’s calling for SafeBasements.

SafeBasements Solution:

At SafeBasements, we utilize two highly effective, time-tested methods to combat settling foundations in Minneapolis-St. Paul: the Push Pier System and the Helical Pier System.


SafeBasements™ Patented Push Pier System

The Saber Tooth™ Push Pier System, exclusively patented by SafeBasements, serves as your home’s personal superhero. Crafted from strong and reliable materials, our push piers easily hold up in the harshest elements. They stabilize and even lift foundations by taking the weight off poor soil conditions and redirecting it onto more stable soil. Trust us when we say that your house couldn’t be in safer hands.

SafeBasements™ Helical Piers

Sometimes, your house demands a different solution. For this, we have the SafeBasements™ Helical Pier System. This innovative solution literally twists the plot; The helical piers are “screwed” into the earth until they hit load-bearing strata. The helical piers are perfect for various situations, from new construction, settling decks, and four-season porches to extensive commercial buildings.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

We pride ourselves on not just fixing homes, but also forging lifelong relationships. That’s why our services come with a lifetime transferable warranty. We stand by you and your home for its entire life. The warranty is even transferable to new owners, echoing our commitment to superior quality and service. SafeBasements is not just about creating safe basements, but also about establishing a secure peace of mind for worried homeowners.