Foundation Repair: Settlement

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Foundation Repair: Settlement

This is a common structural problem seen on homes all over the area and is one of our most common foundation repair services performed. Typically, it will be caused from poor soil compaction around a home, creating voids beneath the property that the home will eventually sink into. It can also be caused from bad construction materials or techniques being used during the time when the home was being built.

When you have a settlement problem, you will likely notice the following issues inside and outside of your home:

  • Windows and doors don’t open or close like normal
  • Cracks form inside and outside on the foundation walls
  • Cracks form on the corners of window and door frames
  • One or more sides of the home are visibly sinking into the earth

SafeBasements SOLUTION:

  • Push Pier System
  • Helical Pier System


SafeBasements™ Patented Push Pier System

Push piers are a tried-and-true solution or repair for foundation settling in Fargo-Moorhead. Essentially, push piers are long, metal rods that are driven down into the soil around your home until they are anchored in load-bearing soil or bedrock. Then, once your home has found solid footing, our foundation repair experts carefully calibrate the system to get your home back into the correct position. At SafeBasements™, we use our own patented push pier system, Saber Tooth™, which is made from the most durable materials available. We use only the best and most reliable materials for foundation settling repair in Fargo-Moorhead, because we stake our reputation on the enduring quality of our work.

SafeBasements™ Helical Piers

While push piers are straight metal poles that rely on the weight of the structure to stabilize the foundation, helical piers are screw-like poles that are rotated into the soil, using the deep, dense, load-bearing layers for stability. Whether your foundation needs helical or push piers will be determined by our seasoned foundation inspectors.

When you schedule a free inspection with SafeBasements™, we come out with a full knowledge of the soil types in your area. We then survey your home and property, examine and research the soil, and put together a comprehensive plan to fix your foundation. Get on the path toward peace of mind today!

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Our lifetime transferable warranty is good for the life of your home and is transferable to new owners.