Foundation Repair in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Foundation Repair in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Your foundation is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Problems in your Minneapolis-St. Paul home, like foundation cracking, buckling, or bowing walls can sneak up on you, leading to extensive repairs. Eventually, these problems affect the structural integrity and make your home unsafe.
Fortunately, if you notice any issues with your foundation, you can call SafeBasements for professional and prompt foundation repair in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Foundation Repair

Why Foundation Damage Occurs

Any problem with your home creates nightmarish conditions, especially when your foundation is involved. You may be curious about foundation damage, so we’ve provided a few common reasons why this happens.

Water Damage

Water damage is a common reason for needing foundation repairs. Because concrete is porous, it allows water to enter its tiny holes, leading to damage like foundation cracks and leaks in your Minneapolis-St. Paul home. Most often, water damage near the foundation is caused by improper drainage and leaky underground pipes.

Shifts in the Soil

All soil naturally expands and contracts. The moisture content within the dirt influences how much it shifts throughout this process. As it moves, it creates instability under the foundation, causing the floor to sink and slope.

Eroding Soil

If a drainage system is improperly installed, or if there’s no drainage system at all, the excess water won’t move away from your home. The soil begins eroding, destroying your foundations along the way.

Inadequate Construction

Before construction begins, your contractor must pay attention to the soil around your home. A lack of soil knowledge may lead to the soil being poorly prepared and compacted during construction. This contributes to whether your foundation will shift after it’s been poured.