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Every home’s foundation in Hastings, MN settles over time, typically a result of the homebuilding process, in which a huge amount of soil is excavated to install the foundation, and which is then backfilled around the foundation. This back-filled soil around your home is loosely packed, with lots of air pockets that can shift and collapse from the weight of the house as water filters down and compacts the soil.

As the soil around your Hastings home shifts, your foundation sustains uneven pressure and uneven settling, which can cause basement wall cracks, uneven basement floors, and gaps or stuck windows and doors in your Hastings home. You might even notice one part of your house starting to sink.

If you notice any of these signs, call SafeBasements™ in Hastings, MN to assess your foundation settlement right away as it may need repair. These problems won’t go away and will get worse if not addressed. Our expert team will stop out for a full inspection and will make recommendations that will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

SafeBasements SOLUTION:
  • Push Pier System
  • Helical Pier System


SafeBasements™ Patented Push Pier System

Push piers are a common solution and repair for settling foundations in Hastings. Essentially, they are long metal rods drilled into the soil until they hit stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock. At SafeBasements™ in Hastings, we have a push pier system of our very own—our patented Saber Tooth™ design is made right here in Minnesota from the strongest available materials. We use our own design because we know it is more reliable and lasts longer than third-party piers.

After each pier is installed, our team checks the soil stability to ensure you get stable, long-term results. Our push pier installation experts in Hastings complete a meticulous process that results in safety factors two to three times better than the capacity of a standard bracket.

SafeBasements™ Helical Piers

Helical piers are a bit different from push piers in that their strength comes not from the weight of the structure but from torque since helical piers are screwed into the ground until they bite into load-bearing soil or bedrock. Depending on the nature of your structure and property, the SafeBasements™ team in Hastings may recommend for your foundation settlement issue, helical or push piers. Contact us today to get your foundation back to a firm, level footing!

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Our foundation pier systems in Hastings come with a fully transferable warranty that will protect your foundation settlement problem from one homeowner to the next.

When you notice the signs of foundation issues, call SafeBasements™ in Hastings, MN, and let’s get your home back on solid footing.