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Quality Foundation Repair in Hastings

You should never overlook your home’s foundation. Issues such as cracking, buckling, bowing walls, or settling walls in your Hastings home must be addressed before they lead to further problems. These issues worsen without proper attention and affect your home’s overall structural integrity.

But you don’t have to ignore these problems because there is a solution. Call SafeBasements for professional foundation repair in Hastings, MN.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Problems with your home’s foundation create a miserable situation. You might be wondering what causes these problems. Here are a few main reasons your foundation may be damaged or you may need foundation leveling for your Hastings, MN home.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common causes of foundation issues. Concrete is a porous stone that allows water to seep into it and cause cracks and other problems. The two most common sources of water damage around a foundation are improper drainage, which leads to pooling, and leaks in underground pipes.

Shifting Soil

There is natural expansion and contraction in soil, depending on the moisture content. The hot weather makes the dirt contract, creating instability and shifting. But when the ground is moist, it causes the floor to slope and the walls of your home in Hastings, MN to crack, requiring repair.


If the moisture around your home can’t drain away, the soil begins to erode and destroy your foundation’s support.

Improper Construction

Poorly prepared and compacted soil by the contractor contributes to more shifting around your home’s foundation after it has been poured. If the ground isn’t adequately studied before beginning construction, you may have future problems and require concrete leveling or foundation leak and crack repair for your Hastings, MN home.

There’s Hope for Your Foundation

Don’t let a damaged foundation ruin your home in Hastings, MN permanently; foundation repair is a great solution. Whether it’s a small crack or a bowed wall, it will only worsen if left unaddressed. If you notice higher energy bills, poor indoor air quality, and structural instability in your home, call SafeBasements in Hastings, MN for foundation repair today.