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Bowed & Bulging Basement Walls

A peaceful Hastings, MN home—filled with such tranquility and charm, yet the threat of bowed basement walls can cast a shadow over this pretty picture. Imagine walking down your basement steps and discovering your walls looking warped and bulging. Many factors can cause bowed basement walls, from soil pressure, frost heave, or tree roots. This certainly places worrisome thoughts in your head of expensive home repair and potential harm to your family. Yet, at SafeBasements, we rise to the challenge with the foundation wall repair solutions we offer the Hastings area, we will have your home looking and feeling brand new.

SafeBasements Foundation wall repair solutions for the Hastings community:
  • Wall Anchor System
  • Waler Wall Support
  • Carbon Fiber Strap


SafeBasements Wall Anchor System™

Our patented wall anchor system is a testament to our promise of quality and innovation. Engineered using the finest materials and techniques, this patented system transforms your insecure walls into sturdy barriers. It addresses the hydrostatic pressure damaging your walls by pulling the wall back into place and reinforcing the foundation regardless of its type. It’s a promise of security, backed by our lifetime transferable warranty.

SafeBasements Waler Wall Support System™

The SafeBase™ Waler Wall Support System adds an additional layer of protection, working synergistically with the wall anchor system. This ingenious design directly reinstates structural stability, bolsters bowed and bulging walls, and enhances the integrity of your Hastings home. It’s a safeguard for you and your Hastings home, ensuring your basement remains a foundation of strength that keeps your home stable.

SafeBasements Carbon Fiber Strap System™

For walls that are bowing less than 2”, our SafeBase™ Carbon Fiber Strap System™ comes into play. These straps act as a fast and significant aid to your bowed walls, providing immediate reinforcement with a quick application. After installation, they will be ready to be painted or finished on your own time. It’s another testament to our commitment to a minimal intrusion solution with maximum reinforcement.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

We understand your home is more than just a building; it’s a sanctuary, a haven of memories. That’s why, at SafeBasements, we ensure our products are always reliable and that our Lifetime Transferable Warranty demonstrates our commitment to you and our work. No matter how many years roll by, or how many hands your home passes through, our warranty stands. We are committed to protecting your home in Hastings from needing further foundation wall repairs and providing assurance for future owners for years to come.

The SafeBasements Mission

SafeBasements is more than just a company—we’re your neighbors, committed to fortifying Hastings, MN, basements against the threat of bowed and bulging walls. For us, the structural integrity of your home is our mission. Rest assured, with SafeBasements, you’re in safe hands.