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Basement Dehumidifiers

In the land of 10,000 lakes, it can get pretty humid. Minnesota is famous for its brutally cold, snowy winters, and the main reason for that is the humidity. With all its rivers and lakes, the Midwestern United States is notoriously humid, and it makes the summers hotter and the winters colder. That humidity can also cause problems within and beneath your Hasting home with mold, mildew, and more.

Signs of Excess Humidity

A little humidity isn’t such a bad thing—it helps your skin, for one thing. But excessive humidity in the home is uncomfortable, and it can be much worse than that. If not abated, excessive moisture in basements and crawl spaces will invite bugs and other pests, will create musty or dank odors, encourage the growth of toxic mold or mildew in your Hastings home, and will eventually cause structural problems down the line due to rotted wood joists and beams.

If you’ve noticed any of these things in your home, contact SafeBasements™ of Hastings and ask about a dehumidifier installation for your basement to prevent and remedy your issues.

Professional Products & Installation

Dehumidifiers are simple units that wring moisture out of the air and collect it in a container. Most can be programmed to turn on when a certain humidity level is reached. At SafeBasements™, we have been working with dehumidifiers for Hastings basements for so long that we have our own trusted brand we can install in your home.

With a dehumidifier, your Hastings basement will be noticeably more comfortable and less odiferous with mold prevention. You’ll also spare your Hastings home and yourself from costly mold and mildew cleanup. If you have a basement that you plan on finishing, adding a dehumidifier to your Hastings basement will be a crucial step in making that space comfortable and livable. If you have a crawl space, we also recommend having a vapor barrier installed, or getting your crawl space fully encapsulated to further keep moisture levels down.