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Foundation Settlement

Known Issues Are Wall Cracks and A Sinking HomeThis is a common structural problem seen on homes all over the area and is one of our most common foundation repair services performed. Typically, it will be caused from poor soil compaction around a home, creating voids beneath the property that the home will eventually sink into. It can also be caused from bad construction materials or techniques being used during the time when the home was being built - however, this is not as common as problems with the earth.

When you have a settlement problem, you will likely notice the following issues inside and outside of your home:

  • Windows and doors don't open or close like normal
  • Cracks form inside and outside on the foundation walls
  • Cracks form on the corners of window and door frames
  • One or more sides of the home are visibly sinking into the earth


SafeBase™ Push Piers

The SafeBase™ Push Pier systemThese piers are made from strong, solid, dependable metal materials that will stand up tough in the dirt surrounding your home. Their main function is to address poor soil conditions by transferring the weight of your home off the failing foundation and onto themselves. Over time, this will help to push your home back up to the level where it needs to be.

Installing Push Piers

  • pierinstallasm
  • pierinstallbsm
  • pierinstallcsm
  • pierinstalldsm
  • pierinstallesm

The piers are hydraulically driven into the soil and through a bracket which is attached to the foundation footing until stable soil is reached below. The stable soil level is determined by load testing each of the piers as they are being installed.

SafeBase™ Helical Piers

The SafeBase™ Helical Pier systemThese piers resemble screws and this is why they are said to be "screwed" into the earth into stable, load-bearing strata. Often times, these types of piering products are used in new construction homes or in properties that are very large. These piers can be installed quickly and in all types of weather. This means you don't have to wait until spring or summer to get them set up. Also, they don't require much excavation, and this is good news if you have a beautifully-landscaped lawn.

SafeBase™ Helical System Brochure

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