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Wall Crack Injection

Concrete foundations naturally settle with the passage of time. This settling, combined with hydrostatic pressure from groundwater and the expansion and contraction of the surrounding soil, will cause foundation cracks in your Fargo-Moorhead area home. These will start as small, hairline cracks in the foundation that might not even be that noticeable, but over time they will grow and present more problems. If you’ve noticed a crack or two in your foundation or basement walls, give SafeBasements™ of Fargo-Moorhead a call today to repair the issue.

Small Cracks Can Turn Serious

The thing about water is it finds its way into everything, eventually. Of course, that includes foundation cracks, however small they might be. If you have a crack of any size in the foundation of your Fargo-Moorhead home, it’s a matter of when—not if—water will find its way into your home. Before that happens, call the professional basement waterproofing team at Fargo-Moorhead’s SafeBasements™ for foundation crack repair.

We have a proven, fast, and permanent injection repair solution for basement wall and foundation cracks in Fargo-Moorhead. First, one of our foundation pros will come out to your property and assess the crack to make sure it’s not a sign of larger foundation issues for your Fargo-Moorhead area home. If the crack(s) can be repaired then and there, we’ll clean the affected area, inject a urethane material into the crack until it is filled, then smooth over the surface. You’re left with a full seal that will never let water seep through.


At SafeBasements™, our experienced team of basement pros offer Fargo-Moorhead homeowners foundation crack repair and wall repair solutions that are effective and permanent. For many types of cracks, our liquid urethane injection will get the job done. Our team first cleans the wall surface to ensure proper application, then injects the solution into the crack. When it’s dry, water is permanently sealed out, and you can paint or put up drywall over the crack.

While our urethane injections work for most basement wall crack repair jobs in Fargo-Moorhead, sometimes larger foundation crack repair methods might be needed. Multiple large cracks in your basement walls could be a sign of bigger problems. Likewise, sticking doors and windows are good indications that your home needs more than just crack-filling.

There are a lot of factors that go into your overall foundation integrity, including soil type and density, age of the foundation, water table, and the hydrology of your property. Only with an inspection from the foundation crack repair professionals at Fargo-Moorhead SafeBasements™ will you know if you have just a small crack that can be easily filled, or the beginnings of a major foundation problem that may require more intensive attention. Get peace of mind with your free inspection today!