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Efficient Concrete Lifting in Fargo-Moorhead

Concrete is a strong, durable, and versatile material, which is why it’s used in so many different kinds of construction projects. But it’s also porous and has a tendency to absorb water. Over time, this can contribute to a weakened foundation or sinking sidewalk, creating hazards and harming your home’s property value.

If you’re dealing with deteriorating concrete, SafeBasementscan help. We proudly provide industry-leading concrete lifting in Fargo-Moorhead to help homeowners restore the structural stability and curb appeal of their living spaces.

Premier Providers for Concrete Leveling

If your patio or porch has been looking a little saggy lately, it may be because of the concrete surface below. Concrete leveling may be able to restore its appearance.

At SafeBasements, we use a super-strong structural polymer to build up the sinking portion of your concrete surface and keep you from having to replace it altogether. Concrete lifting here in Fargo-Moorhead has many advantages over replacement, including:


Without concrete leveling, your only other option for repairing your concrete is to shell out for a complete replacement. As you might imagine, this can cost much, much more.

Speedier Repairs

Replacing your concrete takes time and can disrupt your daily life. SafeBasement technicians can have your Fargo-Moorhead driveway or sidewalk leveled within a day and traffic-safe within 24 hours.

Better Aesthetics

Uneven concrete is an eyesore by itself, and ending up with multiple mismatched shades after a shoddy replacement can make it look even worse. Utilizing driveway or sidewalk leveling for your Fargo-Moorhead property results in a more cohesive appearance, elevating your home’s curb appeal.

Less Routine Disruptions

The simple process of Fargo-Moorhead sidewalk or driveway leveling requires minimal disturbances to your daily routine. Our technicians are typically in and out within a few hours and will leave your concrete surface looking as good as new.

Raise Your Sinking Concrete Slab

When you need a qualified team to correct a broken or sinking slab, call SafeBasement. We have over three decades of experience repairing aging and poorly prepared concrete, and our skilled technicians are up for whatever kind of job you need done. Call us today to get a free estimate for our Fargo-Moorhead concrete lifting services!