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For residents in the Fargo-Moorhead area, standing water in your basement typically reflects a larger problem with your foundation. While sudden and major storms can overwhelm even properly configured drainage systems, for most cases in the Fargo-Moorhead area, standing basement water develops due to a larger structural problem, like foundation settling or missing drainage systems.

At SafeBasements™, we have spent more than 30 years safeguarding basements and waterproofing foundations of homes in Fargo-Moorhead and across the nation with our superior line of waterproofing products. If your basement in Fargo-Moorhead routinely collects standing water, the time to act is now—before your home sustains even more costly damage.

Causes of Standing Water

Any of the following can lead to water pooling in your basement:

  • Foundation cracks from settling or hydrostatic pressure (water pressing in from the outside)
  • Foundation floor (slab) cracks
  • Unsealed or improperly sealed crawl space
  • Improperly pitched or settled soil around the foundation
  • Improperly sealed window wells
  • Lack of sump pit/drainage solutions

Whether or not you know where the water is coming from, our basement waterproofing experts in Fargo-Moorhead can inspect your property and propose solutions. Depending on what we find, we may recommend a sump pump, drain tile installation, dehumidifiers, or a crawl space encapsulation. Most homes typically require some combination of waterproofing solutions to ensure a permanently dry basement.

Common Solutions

One of the best ways to eliminate and prevent standing water in your Fargo-Moorhead basement is with a sump pump. This is a small device that sits in a hole in the basement called a “sump pit.” Our waterproofing professionals seal this pit so no hazardous gasses leak out of the soil and into your home. The sump pump unit turns on automatically and pumps any water collected in the sump pit out and away from the foundation.

Sump pumps are quite effective, but some basements will need a drain tile system to ensure the water is flowing to the sump pit. If you have further questions about sump pumps, drain tiles, or any other waterproofing issues, contact SafeBasements today!