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Basement Dehumidifiers

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. That’s a lot of moisture, and a lot of it goes into the air. This humidity makes the winter air bite and the summer air stifle, and if it’s not controlled it wreaks all kinds of havoc in your Fargo-Moorhead area basement. A dehumidifier is a simple machine that wrings moisture out of the air and can help keep your basement more comfortable and free of mold, mildew, and pests.

Humidity Harms Structures

Too much humidity in a Fargo-Moorhead basement can do worse than make you uncomfortable or produce a bad smell. It can create mold that may need remediation as well as rot your wooden beams and joists, and create a welcoming environment for spiders, insects, and other pests. If you notice bugs, mold, and bad odors in your basement, it’s probably a good idea to reduce the humidity with a dehumidifier for your Fargo-Moorhead basement and think about mold prevention and remediation.

The basement waterproofing pros at SafeBasements™ of Fargo-Moorhead can help you get your humidity under control by adding a dehumidifier for your basement, encapsulating your crawl space, and making sure you have a functioning sump pump.

Professional Products

The SafeBasements™ team in Fargo-Moorhead helped homeowners with basement humidity problems for decades. In all that time, we’ve learned what kinds of products work and what don’t, and that’s why we’re proud to recommend and install our own dehumidifier units in your Fargo-Moorhead home’s basement.

These energy-efficient models suck the moisture out of the air and collect it in a container that you can use to water your plants or garden. It can be programmed to keep humidity at a certain level, and only kick on when the humidity passes that threshold. Dehumidifiers are a great option for existing unfinished basements in Fargo-Moorhead and are an absolute must-have if you are finishing your basement and want it to be a place where people can feel comfortable.

Dehumidifiers are a simple way to tackle excessive basement humidity in Fargo-Moorhead, but if you have an unsealed crawl space, it’s also a good idea to get that encapsulated or have a vapor barrier installed to reduce the moisture levels in your home. Rest assured, any money you invest in basement water mitigation for your will come back to you in the form of future savings on mold prevention and remediation, water damage repair, and energy bills for your home in the Fargo-Moorhead area.