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Basement Waterproofing - Frequently Asked Questions

Click a question below to view the answers to frequently asked questions about waterproofing basements.

Why is my basement wet after a rainstorm?

If the puddles form during or very shortly after the heavy rain started, there may be a grading problem around your foundation, combined with hydrostatic pressure that finds weaknesses in your concrete floor, perhaps in the form of cracks.

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How can I fix the bowed walls in my basement?

We recommend having SafeBaseā„¢ Wall Anchors installed on your bowing walls. It makes use of proven engineering methods to stabilize and strengthen your failing basement wall(s). It doesn't matter what type of foundation you have - concrete, tile, or cinder block - this system will work with any material. The anchors can be installed quickly and they will be put deep in the earth in stable, load-bearing strata.

Another solution we recommend is having Rhino's Carbon Fiber wall supports installed on the bowed walls. Rhino's carbon fiber straps will permanently repair cracked or bowing foundation walls without steel I-beams or tie-backs, leaving your walls with no unsightly obstructions and ready to paint.

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How should I fix cracks on my basement walls?

Wall cracks can be repaired by injecting the crack with liquid urethane material. Once dry, it can be painted to match your surrounding basement walls.

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What is that white powder on my basement wall?

Efflorescence is a common problem in concrete and masonry block foundations. The white fuzzy stuff you see along the inside and outside of your basement wall is efflorescence. Efflorescence is simply salt and can be easily removed.

However, if you see efflorescence it means you have a moisture problem and if gone untreated can cause deterioration to the basement walls.

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