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Pipe Penetration

Most basements will have pipes in them that extend out to other areas of the home, or outside of the foundation. Over time, the seals around these pipes may become weak and start to gradually lose their holding power. When this happens, it becomes much more likely that water can leak out of them and onto your basement walls, floor, or ceiling. You will know that you have this problem under your home if you can visibly see water stains in these areas. Also, you may actually see a pipe dripping water. This is a basement waterproofing problem that needs to be addressed quickly before serious damage is done - especially if you have a finished basement already and notice the damage on your drop ceiling.

Often times, homeowners will see moisture in their basement and have trouble finding its source. They check for cracks in the walls and floors, they look at their basement windows to be sure they have a tight seal, they check the cove joint to make sure that it isn't letting water seep inside - and yet, they can't figure out how or why they have a lot of water stains and damage. One of the last things homeowners tend to check is their pipes and areas where they extend into walls, floors, or into the ceiling. It may not seem very obvious, but it is a common cause of moisture under a home.


Urethane Injection

Foundation Crack InjectionTo take care of this common basement problem, we can make use of a special injection technique using urethane materials. We will first clean around the pipe to be sure that no dirt or debris gets inside or interferes with the repair process. Next, we will use the urethane material to fill the area where the pipe is leaking. This may be pipe-on-pipe, or it could be where the pipe goes into a wall or ceiling. We will be sure that the area is filled completely, and then let it sit to cure.

This technique has proven time and time again to be effective at taking care of pesky pipe leaks that, when left untreated, could potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage. Please give us a call today to learn more about this particular technique, or to schedule an appointment with our team of waterproofing professionals. We guarantee that when we leave your home, you will have a dry, safe, and healthy environment below your home.


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