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Pervious Concrete

As your home gets older, the concrete that makes up the foundation may become brittle and weak. When this happens, parts of it may crumble away. This can make it much easier for water to seep inside. This damaged concrete can be found anywhere along your foundation, from the top of the wall to the bottom, or even in the middle. The moisture that seeps inside will likely run down the wall and cause it to stain. Also, the water will likely collect in pools on the floor next to the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor). If you happen to notice that your concrete is starting to weaken and leak, then you will need the help of a professional ASAP before the damage gets worse and leads to additional problems. This is a very common basement waterproofing issue we see and have a number of solutions for.


SafeBasements™ Waterproofing System

To take care of your basement leaks, we can install SafeBasements™ waterproofing systems that will be able to remove all moisture from below your home so that it isn't able to accumulate and lead to damage to your walls, floors, or to anything you may have stored under your home. We believe that we offer the most advanced waterproofing system on the market today.

SafeBasement™ Waterproofing System Brochure

The Safe Edge™ System

Safe Edge ™ By SafeBasements

This is an incredibly advanced system that provides a deeper profile which allows it to cover more surface area than other traditional systems on the market. The increased surface area allows for more water to be directed to a sump pump in faster time than with an alternative system. It features built-in multi-flow drain tile, a sump pump with a clear lid, and battery backup systems are also available for installation. It has a rubber seal that diverts water away from the cove joint and into the drain tile, and then out through the sump pump.

Safe Drain™ Waterproofing System

Safe Drain™Waterproofing System

This system has a low profile, wide design. It allows for adequate floor thickness to be poured over the system after installation is finished. Also, the wider design allows for better water flow while reducing hydrostatic pressure.

Installation involves the following steps:

  1. Concrete is removed around the perimeter of the basement.
  2. The footing is cleaned, removing soil and gravel.
  3. Weep holes are drilled in the block cells and mortar joints.
  4. The system is installed on top of the exposed footing.
  5. The system is attached to the sump pump.
  6. Concrete is restored.

Safe Track™ Water Evacuation System

Safe Track™ Water Evacuation

This system can be installed without any excavation to the soil around your home or to your basement floor. Often times, this system is installed in homes with a monolithic floor. No damage to your foundation will be done during the installation of this product since it is set up so easily.

Installation involves the following steps:

  1. The concrete surface adjacent to the perimeter block is scarified.
  2. Weep holes are drilled into the block cells and mortar joints.
  3. The floor is cleaned with fresh water a few times.
  4. The drain is attached to the sump pump.
  5. Two-part epoxy is installed and the system is put into position.
  6. Epoxy is cleaned and the track is left to cure.
  7. The system is flood tested for any leaks.

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