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Floor Crack

Basement Floor Crack

Often times, a floor crack in your basement is caused from a build up of hydrostatic pressure and is a common basement waterproofing issue we see in the area. This pressure is formed whenever the soil around your home is swollen from excessive moisture. The pressure continues to push and push on the floor until it eventually cracks. This problem may also be caused from settlement of the home, or from natural concrete shrinkage of the foundation itself. What's more, this structural problem can also be caused from a rising water table below the home. This movement and excess moisture will put a lot of pressure on the basement floor, eventually causing it to crack.

Regardless of what has caused the issue to begin with, you are going to need to get it fixed before it starts letting water seep into your home. These cracks may not appear very deep, but water always finds the path of least resistance, and it may be through this crack.

What a lot of homeowners don't realize is that these cracks need to be fixed immediately. The longer you put it off, the more likely it becomes that you will experience additional structural problems or water damage.


Urethane Injection

Foundation Crack Injection

During the basement crack repair process, we make use of an injection technique. First, we will clean the surface of the crack so that dirt won't be able to get inside during the repair process. Next, the urethane material will be placed into the crack and it will fill it up from the dirt to the surface of the floor. The material will be left to cure, and once it is dry, you will be able to paint over it or finish it in whatever way you would like. The seal on the crack guarantees that it will never be able to let water seep into your home.

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