Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Anchor Tightening Instructions

For more information about tightening your wall anchors, you can download the instructions here: Wall Anchor Tightening Instructions or you can watch the informational video here:Wall Anchor Tightening Video

Sump Pump Maintenance Instructions

For more information about maintaining your sump pump, you can download the checklist here: Sump Pump Maintenance Instructions or you can watch the informational video here: Sump Pump Controller Video

Please take some time to read through our most commonly asked questions and answers. If you have a question about anything not discussed here, do not hesitate to contact us!

Some of the common problems with cement and concrete that we do not handle.
  1. We do not patch or replace broken cement blocks in a wall.
  2. We do not repair or work with stucco or skim-coating.
  3. We do not pour new concrete floors.
  4. We do not lay new block foundations.
  5. We do not install poured foundation walls.
What can cause my cement block foundation to crumble or flake?
  1. Moisture is the real cause.
  2. Cement is porous by nature and absorbs water.
    1. During the initial build, the cement may have been mixed with too much water.
    2. Through the years, the block will absorb moisture.
    3. During winter months, water will freeze, which expands. When it melts, it contracts. This process will cause the block to flake and crumble.
Do you handle landscaping or regrading?
No, we do not. It is best to call a highly-reviewed landscaping company.
Do you install insulation?
  1. We do install rim joist insulation.
  2. We do not install Batt or Blow-in insulation.
Do I need a down payment?
  1. We require a 10% down payment for permit fees and material costs.
  2. We do not add permit fees or any other hidden fees to our bids.
  3. We do have to pay for permit fees and engineering fees when the city needs them.
Do I have to be present when the project is complete?
  1. Yes, we would like it if you are present when the project is complete.
    1. Your technician will go over your project and the paperwork that goes with it.
    2. They will complete a walkthrough of your project with you and answer any questions you may have.
    3. They will also go over the warranty information.
When is the remaining balance due?
The remaining balance is due upon completion of your project.
Are financing options available?
  1. We do have financing options available.
    1. Low monthly investment options. Fixed rates.
    2. 12-month no interest, no payment.
    3. All of our finance options are unsecured and through a third party.
Why are your consultations Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm?
  1. SafeBasements of Minnesota values your time and the time of our consultants.
  2. We have families as well and would like to spend time with them in the evening and see how their day went.
  3. During the winter, it gets darker sooner, and accidents seem to happen more after the sun goes down, just trying to be safe.
  4. We will make an exception and schedule consultations in the evening or Saturdays for special circumstances. You may have to be patient and work with us on our schedule.
How long are the consultations?
  1. The consultations are typically 1 to 1 ½-hours.
  2. Our consultants will perform a multi-point inspection of your foundation to determine what is causing the issue you are experiencing and present a solution.
  3. Our goal is to give you information on how we can solve your foundation issues.
  4. We at SafeBasements of Minnesota feel that the best consumers are educated consumers.
  5. We want you to have all the information you need to make the most informed decision for you and your home.
Warranty in the Brainerd Lakes area.
  1. Unfortunately, circumstances out of our control have made the Brainerd area and some surrounding communities cost-prohibitive to continue offering our Lifetime Guarantee.
  2. Due to the rising water table and soil conditions, SafeBasements will no longer offer our Lifetime Guarantee.
  3. Our existing customers will continue to be covered under our previous Lifetime Guarantee.
  4. We will still help where we can, but we will no longer be able to offer the Lifetime Guarantee.
  5. Soil conditions and the higher-than-average water table in that area have forced us to reevaluate our position in that area.
  6. We apologize and hope we can still help when we can.