Foundation Repair In Minnesota

When you have a problem with the base of your home, it's important to address the issue quickly, the cost to repair will only increase as months or years go by. Whether your foundation is sinking into the ground or has walls bowing inward, the longer you wait, the worse the damage is going to be. The main concern most people have about a problem of this magnitude is the cost of a repair. We’d like to put your mind at ease as you know at we will provide the best value when you work with our team and products. Additionally, you get the peace of mind knowing that your home's structure was fixed the right way and with a lifetime warranty. We only believe in offering permanent fixes, not temporary repairs. Let us help you take care of those foundation crack repairs, basement wall leaks, settlement problems and more.”

Common Foundation Problems

A lot of homeowners call or e-mail us stating they have leaning walls, floor or basement wall cracks, a sinking home and so on. Don't jeopardize the structural integrity of your home any further. Schedule an appointment today for a free foundation repair consultation with our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have our most commonly asked foundation questions and their answers. Please take some time to read through them and if you have a question about anything not discussed here, do not hesitate to contact us!

What causes horizontal cracks in my foundation walls?
  1. This is a sign that your wall may be bowing or leaning. Most often caused by hydrostatic pressures in the soil surrounding your home. Often seen in buildings built in clay-rich dirt, which is incredibly water absorbent. As moisture from rain or melting snow will causes the dirt to swell. This putts a additional pressure on your basement walls. This is known as hydrostatic pressure. The longer you wait to address this problem, the closer the wall will come to complete failure.
  2. What is the solution?
    1. SafeBase Wall Anchoring System
    2. SafeBase Waler System
    3. SafeBase Carbon Fiber Straps
What causes vertical cracks in my foundation walls?
  1. This is a common structural problem seen on homes all over the area and is one of our most common foundation repair services performed. Typically, it will be caused by poor soil compaction around a home, creating voids beneath the property that the home will eventually sink. It can also be caused by bad construction materials or techniques used during the time the home was built. However, this is not as common as problems with the earth.
  2. When you have a settlement problem, you will likely notice the following issues inside and outside of your home:
    1. Windows and doors do not open or close like normal.
    2. Cracks begin to form inside and outside on the foundation walls.
    3. Cracks form on the corners of window and door frames.
    4. One or more sides of the home are visibly sinking into the earth.
  3. What is the solution?
    1. SafeBase Push Piers
    2. SafeBase Helical Piers
How important is it to fix the crack in your foundation?
  1. This may depend on your exact situation. Relying on our experts can help you find a path forward.
  2. All cracks will grow bigger over time.
  3. Once water finds it’s way through a crack, it will keep happening
How can I fix the bowed walls in my basement?

We recommend having SafeBase™ Wall Anchors installed on your bowing walls. It makes use of proven engineering methods to stabilize and strengthen your failing basement wall(s). It doesn't matter what type of foundation you have - concrete, tile, or cinder block - this system will work with any material. The anchors can be installed quickly and they will be put deep in the earth in stable, load-bearing strata.

Another solution we recommend is having SafeBase Carbon Fiber wall supports installed on the bowed walls. SafeBase Carbon Fiber straps will permanently repair cracked or bowing foundation walls without steel I-beams or tie-backs, leaving your walls with no unsightly obstructions and ready to paint.

How should I fix cracks on my basement walls?

Wall cracks can be repaired by injecting the crack with liquid urethane material. Once dry, it can be painted to match your surrounding basement walls.

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