Bowed Walls and Wall Anchors

Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems, Inc. is an official SAFE BASEMENT® Wall Anchor dealer. A cost-effective way to stop wall deterioration, the SAFE BASEMENT® Wall Anchor System has a 25 year, transferable guarantee! Bowing or bowed walls caused by foundation settling or basement shifting can now be addressed. The SAFE BASEMENT® Wall Anchor System utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. What's more, the system works on any kind of basement wall - concrete block, poured concrete, or tile. Please atke a moment to view the video below, to see how quickly our basement wall anchors can be installed.

Proven Way of Repairing Bowed Walls

SafeBase™ Basement Wall Anchor

Prior to this system, homeowners had few choices for repairing foundation walls. To rebuild a wall, workers jack up the house, excavate around the wall and build a new basement wall. This is usually more expensive, time consuming, and can be destructive to landscaping. Not only that, the problem can recur over time. The SAFE BASMENT® Wall Anchor System, however, is a cost-effective alternative to rebuilding a foundation wall. Simple and effect, the patented system secures and stabilizes cracking, bowed, or buckling foundation walls.

The SAFE BASEMENT® Wall Anchor System uses anchoring plates and steel rods to stabilize the wall and counteract the hydrostatic pressure being exerted against the wall. By counteracting this pressure, the causes contributing to the deterioration are lessened. To install a SAFE BASEMENT® Wall Anchor System, our trained team first insert a steel anchor rod through the wall into the outside earth. A steel anchor is then attached to the rod through a vertical hole in the ground. Finally, a steel wall plate secures the rod to the inside basement wall and installation is complete.

How Wall Anchors Fix Bowed Basement Walls

The wall anchors goal is to give back horizontal strength to your basement wall surfaces, also enabling you to pull the wall in the upright position while using natural expansion and contraction of the earth. Basement Walls bend or curve inwards mainly because of poor water or moisture drainage or unfavorable grade alongside the basement wall. For those who have heavy rains or snow melting, water accumulates near the wall instead of draining away. As water soaks the soil alongside the wall, the moisture content from the expansive soil is elevated and also the soil swells putting considerable amounts of stress on the side of the wall, triggering it to bend or break in the center and bow in. At this time, the horizontal strength of the wall has vanished, leaving it vulnerable to failure, and your home at risk of having the foundation fail.

Wall Anchor System

When the wall anchor is set up and the grade is brought up, the lateral strength is repaired and will resist the forces applied by the expanding earth. Whenever we undergo wet and dry cycles, the soils natural expansion and contraction is reduced. The reason being the water runs away leaving the soil adjacent to the walls with a consistent moisture content. Wall anchors are flexible allowing them to be tightened in the course of dry weather. When the soil dries and shrinks away from the wall leaving a space, the anchors can be tightened, which will pull the wall vertical. To repair your bowed basement walls, Safe Basements provides efficient basement wall anchor systems. Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems, Inc. can set up the wall anchors and also look after any extra foundation or basement wall problems that you might have.

Safe for Your Home and Lawn

Installing the SAFE BASEMENT® Wall Anchor System, usually takes less than one day, and the technicians will leave your home and lawn as it was before installation. Anchors can be placed in various locations along the wall, and rod extenders can be added to avoid all decking, cement work, flower beds, and other landscaping. And because the system works with the wall and ground, structural changes to your house are unnecessary.