Basement Egress Windows

Egress windows are windows that will offer an exit in the event of emergency situations. They're usually needed in basements with liveable area, as well as bedrooms on each and every floor, and are designed to easily be open to firemen and rescue squads.

All egress windows must adhere to the International Regulation Code (IRC):

  • Minimum opening up height of 24 inches
  • Minimum opening width of 20 inches
  • Minimum net clear opening of 5 square feet for ground floors, and 5.7 sq ft for additional floors
  • Maximum still height above floor of 44 inches

Egress Window Information

The net clear opening is the quantity of space accessible for somebody to crawl through when the window is opened up. While the minimum width and height for an egress window are 20 and 24 inches respectively, a 20 by 24 inch window might only yield a net clear opening of 3.3 sq ft; this is lower than the mandatory net clear opening in the IRC requirements. To attain a net clear opening with a minimum of 5.7 sq ft, a 20 inch wide window needs to be no less than 42 inches high, and a 42 inch high window needs to be a minimum of 34 inches wide. The IRC also has rules to monitor window wells, which state that your window well has to be roomy enough to allow the window to open entirely with a minimum floor area of 9 sq ft.

Since egress windows function mainly as a means of escape, it is necessary not just to keep them free from any window treatments or physical objects that could prevent an individual's escape, but also to prevent using complicated locks that can make them difficult to function. However, that doesn't mean that your egress windows have to be dull. You can utilize any window style or design concept as long as it is in conformity with IRC standards.

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