SafeBasements™ Crawl Space Waterproofing Components

Crawlspace Waterproofing Products

Fixing It Once, Fixing It Right

A dirt crawl space is the #1 source of water in virtually any home, allowing in gallons of water on a daily basis in the form of water vapor. The Healthy Living Encapsulation System™ will get rid of this source of moisture, and free your home of moldy smells from mold and mildew.

Our Crawl space Waterproofing System prevents radon gases from getting into your crawl space, because of its sealed design. To drain water and dry the earth in your crawl space, we make use of tough multi-flow tile. This tile is connected to the sump basket where the water will be pumped away from the home, and away from your foundation and crawl space area. SafeBasements™ sets up drain fabric with each and every system, which helps prevent the floor liner from sticking with the soil. This product was created to improve water drainage underneath the floor liner, and because of its 100% polypropylene construction, won't break down or decay, as opposed to standard fabrics. Depending upon where you are, SafeBasements™ has various liners, for different needs. For colder regions of the country, we provide radiant and heat retaining liners to keep the warmth in your home, decreasing heating costs. All SafeBasements™ products are Antimicrobial, and made out of fire-retardant components.
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SafeBasements™ Crawlspace Baskets and Sump Pumps

Crawlspace Water Prevention

Waterproofing Designed Specifically for Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are usually wet and can require a drainage system installed. SafeBasements™ has specially engineered a sump pump exclusively for crawl spaces. We make use of the same technology and principles that people put into our basket made to keep a basement dry. One major difference is we've specifically created a lid with a big lip that allows the usage of our sealing tape to make extra sure the system is closed.

This is very important because of the hazardous radon gases which come from the ground down below. SafeBasements™ makes use of tough, dependable sump pumps in all of our basement and crawl space systems. Our pumps utilize either cast iron or stainless steel construction (based on pump series used), and are continual duty rated for worry free operations. Our pumps can also be highly energy-efficient, using up to 172% less power than traditional pumps, and are available with a no hassle 3 year warranty on all systems.

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SafeBasements™ Crawl Space Stabilizers

Crawlspace Support Stabilizer

Support Sagging Floor Joints

Do you notice sagging floors, or uneven flooring surfaces in your residence? Do you have a crawl space in your house? If so, you must have SafeBase™ Crawl Space Stabilizers put in.

Our crawl space stabilizers are constructed from high strength metal, and offer help to sagging floor joints. Our stabilizer along with a fresh concrete base, can reinforce your crawl space supports, help out with floor leveling, and has an easy, clean, and quick installation process. Repair slanting, uneven flooring forever.

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