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  • Bowed Wall Repair

    SafeBasements™ Wall Anchor Benefits

    • No digging needed for installation
    • Ball and Socket Eliminates binding and thread damage
    • Maintenance Free Design - Good for Life!
    • 25 Year Warranty - Built to Last
    • Save Your Lawn! - Minimal yard & landscape damage
  • Basement Waterproofing

    Quality, Dependable Waterproofing Systems

    LIFETIME WARRANTY on all SafeDrain™ Systems! Have us install
    your Waterproofing System with Confidence

    • Patented rubber seal minimizes dangerous radon 
      gases & moisture odors from entering into living area
    • Drains water from the walls, and lowers the water table
      beneath the floor, permanently addressing moisture
    • Heavy duty PVC construction
    • Works without having to remove the finished walls
  • Crawlspace Waterproofing & Repair

    Healthy Living Encapsulation System ™

    Healthy Living Encapsulation Systems are the most
    cost effective investment that you can perform on
    your home.

    • Greatly reduces radon gas levels in your home
    • Removes musty odor and moisture
    • Reduces energy costs by completely sealing
      crawl space area 
    • Seals out unwanted bugs, spiders,
      rodents and termites
  • Foundation Settlement Repair

    SafeBase™ Push Piers

    • Cost Effective Repair vs foundation replacement
    • Permanent Repair Solution to Settled Foundations
    • Each Pier is Load Tested for extreme durability
    • 25 Year Warranty on all Push Pier Systems

    SafeBase™ Push Pier Systems are revolutionizing the piering
    industry with quality and Installer-Friendly design!

  • Sump Basket Systems

    SafeBasements™ Sump Basket Benefits

    • Larger base to accept multiple pumps
    • Sealed lid for trapping Radon gas & Odors
    • Recessed area for Radon Drain, 2 systems in one!
    • Easily Serviceable! No need to remove plumbing to
      access pump
    • Clear lid for visual inspection
  • New Construction and Repair

    SafeBase™ Helical Piers

    • Installs in all weather conditions - rain or shine
    • Installation made with smaller equipment
    • Installs quickly without costly excavation
    • Concrete can be poured immediately after installation

    SafeBase™ Helical Pier Systems are revolutionizing the piering
    industry with its quality and Installer-Friendly design!

Foundation Repair | Bowed Basement Walls | Basement Waterproofing

Jesse Trebil Foundation Repair Systems provides foundation settlement repair, bowed basement wall, waterproofing of basements, radon mitigation and crawl space encapsulation. We provide proven repair methods with excellent written warranties. Jesse Trebil is Minnesota and North Dakota's only Safe Basements Gold Standard dealer. We're an authorized and insured general contractor, radon mitigator and official dealer of the SafeBasements® products.

All of our team members have undergone continuous training and have been licensed as foundation repair specialists by Jesse Trebil. Be it basement waterproofing, cracked or bowing wall surfaces, settling foundation or new construction, you can expect guaranteed long term solutions when you select us to complete your repair work.  We have done thousands of jobs and will be happy to provide you many references all over Minnesota and North Dakota.

If you searching for a basement waterproofer, trying to find a foundation repair or crawl space encapsulation system or maybe need a quote to get rid of radon or just would like to ask a question about basements and foundations then give us a call toll free at 1-800-430-5851 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. We're here to help!

Whether you live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, or in Fargo, Mankato, St. Cloud, Rochester or virtually any town in MN or eastern ND we are going to be able to help you.  Just give us a call and we'll discuss your situation and how we might be of assistance.

Engineered Basement, Foundation, and Crawl Space Products

Lifetime Guarantee

All SafeBasements™ Waterproofing, Crawlspace, or Foundation Repair products are built to work flawlessly the very first time they're set up, and function throughout the entire life of your house. Our product lineup withstands endless hours of abuse and testing at our facility, to make sure that both our residential and commercial systems keep your home or building safe and sound and dry. Please take a look at our product pages, and see what we have to offer! We are proud to back all our systems with a written warranty.

Our Foundation, Basement, and Crawl Space Repair Services in MN

Basement Finishing Services

Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems is known for providing outstanding structural repair, but we can also provide you with basement finishing services. If you and your family are running out of space in your home, it may be a good idea to think about finishing the basement. There are a lot of homeowners who panic and think that this is something that is going to cost a small fortune - but that is not the case at all! We make it our mission to be sure that we are providing a great value for your dollar. We want you and your family to have a lot of space to live and grow in, and one great and affordable way to do so is by finishing the basement.

When it comes to finishing the wall surfaces, we can provide you with the E3™ Wall System. It can convert your concrete wall into a dry, safe, and efficient surface which can be painted over with any color of your choice. It's also made from mold-resistant materials, so this nasty fungus is something that you will never have to worry about growing on the wall surfaces below your home after the area is finished.

E3 Wall System By Safe Basements

Below are some of the features of the E3™ Wall System:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Internal electrical conduit for easy wiring
  • Pre-cut foam for easy 16" on center wall layout
  • 2 1/2" closed cell insulation for a true R-10 value
  • Studs manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene
  • Will not warp or rot
  • No organic material to support mold growth

Higher Standard of Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing Services

Contacting one of the "Gold Standard" SafeBasements™ dealers, such as Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems, is an easy way to know you can be confident that your nearby dealer will provide you a comprehensive foundation assessment and provide you precise facts for you to make an informed decision about fixing your foundation problem. At Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems, Inc., the SafeBasements™ dealer serving the MN & ND area, we don't pressure or makes use of fear tactics - it really is part of our code of ethics. Our objective is merely to repair your basement, foundation, or crawlspace to better-than-new standards, while causing you to feel informed and comfortable in regards to the work being carried out at your home.

Written Transferable Warranties for Basement and Foundation Repair

As soon as an agreement is achieved for foundation repair to be completed you can be sure that your nearby SafeBasements™ dealer - Jesse Trebil Foundation Systems- using our exceptional patented products will resolve your problem once and for all and you'll be supplied a written guarantee. We'd like you to definitely be happy with your basement waterproofing system, or foundation repair for quite some time to come. Call us toll free at 1-800-430-5851 for more information today!